A daily commitment




The safety and well-being of workers is the basis of our social responsibility policy.

A product for the future

Caesar is committed every day to the safety and well-being of people, both internally, for its employees and collaborators, and externally, for the many customers all over the world who choose our porcelain tile surfaces for their daily lives.

Natural Well-being

A daily commitment

Focus on workers

People play a central role for us at Caesar. Every day they ensure efficient operational management, thanks to their talent and passion. For this reason, health and safety of employees and collaborators is a theme particularly close to our hearts.

Workplace safety
We safeguard the health of employees in all work environments, adopting procedures to reduce risks and improve comfort in production areas, commercial and representative premises.

Focus on people
All our employees are valued and stimulated. We provide them with professional development paths, training courses and technical updating in all departments of the company.

Certified quality

Certified Quality Management System.
Attests our commitment to global quality, from receipt of raw materials through to dispatch of the finished product and after-sales service.

Environmental Management System Certification.
We were the first ceramic company to obtain this certification, thanks to a daily commitment to pursue industrial processes with minimal environmental impact.

Implementation of an Occupational Health and Safety Management System.
In our company we secure a safe and comfortable working environment, both internally for employees and collaborators, and externally .

The first standard for sustainable ceramic surfaces.
This is the most advanced standard for defining environmental, economic and social sustainability parameters for ceramic surfaces.

EPD – Environmental Product Declaration.
This certification attests the low environmental impact of our products, through their entire life cycle.

PEF – Product Environmental Footprint.
A PEF made according to the European recommendations 2013/179/EU, calculates the impact of our products during all stages of their life cycle.

FDES – Fiche de Déclaration Environnementale et Sanitaire.
This environmental and health declaration, specific for the French market, transparently communicates the environmental impact of products.

CAM – Minimum Environmental Criteria.
We comply with the technical requirements and quality levels with reduced environmental impact for the assignment of design services of Italian public buildings.

WELL – Building Standard.
Our products can improve living spaces, in terms of health and well being of the people.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.
I nostri prodotti migliorano le prestazioni degli edifici in tre settori chiave – sostenibilità, materiali e ambienti interni –  contribuendo all’ottenimento del rating LEED v4.

DECLARE – Transparency label for building materials.
This declaration certifies the transparency of the origin, composition of the product and how it is treated and recycled.

MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheet REACH.
This document lists all hazards to health and safety of a product: it certifies that Caesar does not use any substances on the REACH list..

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