Every one counts




The management of our business processes implies a social responsibility policy built around people and the community.

Together every day

Since its foundation, Caesar’s governance has been geared towards virtuous inclusion in the local community, which it supports with social and cultural initiatives aimed at fostering its growth and development.

Welfare initiatives

We offer our workers specific welfare projects. These include the Company Kindergarten, an educational facility open to the children of all employees and to the local area, with a growth path based on the Montessori method.

Supporting the present and the future

We have financed scholarships for the world of education and culture, supported NGOs projects in favour of the most fragile sections of the population and sponsored sports clubs in amateur tournaments and national sports championships.

Everyone counts

Material 4 Arts.

For years we have supported various initiatives related to the art world. An example of this is the Caesar Design Film Award, a competition for short films dedicated to design, which is held on our territory. We also promoted projects and contests in photography, visual arts and architecture.

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